Photograph Courtesy © Raphael James


The fundamental purpose of Soul Jots is to inspire.  Our hope is that the words found here will connect with your innermost being; and the writer within. 

Often I hear people say that they really aren't good at writing.  Yet these same people go on to speak nuggets of wisdom from the vast reserves of their soul. They don't see themselves as writers. They need to jot!  


Imagine going on a trip to a beautiful far away land. You are captivated by the scenery, the lushness of the gardens, and the crispness of the air. It would be great if your loved ones could enjoy this experience, but they're not here and YOU didn't pack a CAMERA!

Jotting is like taking snapshots of your soul. Every now and again we ALL experience moments of great clarity, insight and wisdom. If we miss the opportunities to "jot" down these thoughts they are gone forever. They slip away from our mental grasp and fly away into the fog of "Good Dreams That We Can't Recall The Next Morning."

"Jotting" isn't as daunting as Journaling. The best jots are written on napkins, brown paper bags, post it notes or any old scrap of paper that you can find. What it's written on is not as important as what is written. Jotting can be done anytime the inspiration hits. A jot is like placing a bookmark into a thought that I can come back and visit when I have more time. Jotting doesn't always respect the rules of writing and grammar.  Sometimes the thought just needs to get out, to breathe, to explore. 

House For Words is our house for words.  It is a place where words live and give life. You are always welcome here. Here one thought leads to another... yours! You are encouraged to engage in discussions. One of the most rewarding experiences for me is seeing strangers come together in spirit over jots. It's a beautiful thing.

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