Sarena James, Soul Jots creator

Sarena James 

Writing is a way of life for Sarena; as essential to her survival as breathing. A multi-faceted multi-tasker, she delicately balances her roles as mother, wife, and blogger.

She was introduced into the world of blogging by "master" blogger Rene Syler of After seeing Sarena's published work, Rene encouraged Sarena to be a guest blogger on her site. Shortly afterwards, Sarena and her husband Raphael created their own blog,

On Aisle 9 was created after their son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.   She knew that writing about her experiences helped her, but she was surprised to learn from other people she'd never met how much her writings had helped them. 

Since then, she has been named a "Woman to Watch in 2012" by the Summerville Journal Scene. She was also featured in the Spring 2012 issue of Something Special Magazine "Autism Moms Who Rock".

In addition to her family and writing responsibilities, Sarena finds time to work as a theater mentor for elementary and middle school students.

Sarena has appeared on television to promote Autism Awareness and has been invited several times to share her experiences before large crowds.  Her most unusual recognition came from...a lingerie boutique. On their website, Bits of Lace honored her for her efforts in the community and wrote,

A Bits of Lace woman is inspiring, energizing and empowered. She gives back to her community yet takes the time out to care for herself. She is a woman who makes her mark everyday. -January 2012

Her writing is greatly inspired by the sights and history of Charleston, SC and the rhythm of life.