I've walked out or stumbled out or cried and laughed out, for myself. It is my collection of truth in lessons learned and lived. I know the atmosphere of each one. I know the story of where I was, the when's and the why's of each penned thought. Each jot is a novel on the bookshelf of my soul.

The beauty of a soul writing is that it prints its own receipt, a record of its journey. I love visiting each thought, separate from the next, celebrating just how far I've come, and reminding myself how far I have to go; want and need to go.  

Soul-Jotting is a priceless process paced in little steps. It is a mirror to your soul, because indeed, if you were going to live with someone for the rest of your life wouldn't you want to get to know them?

Photograph Courtesy © 2013 Jaydn James

Self meet Self.

I truly invite you to write here. Share your thoughts and connections to each and every jot, one word at a time. It's comfortable here. I hope you feel that. Together we become better at being the individuals we are, while collectively caring about one race, the human race. 

Sarena James

Soul Jots, Creator